Campsite will be accessible from Saturday 28.09.19, 11:00 am till Sunday 29.09.19, 12:00 am (Midnight).

You’re kindly asked to leave the campsite at 12:00 am (midnight) on Sunday at the latest.

Only Camping Ticket holders will be allowed to access the campsite.


Toilets and urinals will be accessible on the festival site and on the campsite.
Access is 100% free.
Showers and water points will be placed on the campsite as well.


We love our desert and we want everybody to take care of it.
You’re kindly asked to use the rubbish bins and to sort your waste.

Trash bag will be available for free at the bar.


According to the law, alcohol and liquor (over 18 degrees) won’t be sold to people under 18. If a youngster wants to buy alcohol, he has to prove he’s over 18. If he doesn’t want to show his ID or can’t prove it, barmen are allowed to refuse to sell him any type of alcohol.

Beers are limited to 6 x 33cl cans or 4 x 50cl cans per person. Glass bottles are not allowed.


People under 18 will be denied access to the festival and the campsite. An ID must be shown at the entrance.
No exception will be made, even if the youngster is accompanied by an adult.
No ticket sold to -18 will be refunded.


According to the law, no drug at all will be allowed on the festival and the campsite. People and bags will be systematically searched at the entrance.



  • 1 bars with a wide range of soft drinks & beers
  • 1 stand selling basic food


We are throwing an afterparty on the campsite (only accessible for campers).
Saturday 12:00 AM-02:00 AM

Dj’s : TBA


  • All kinds of drugs
  • Glasses
  • Narguiles/chichas/waterpipes
  • All kind of fires bigger than a lighter flame
  • Gas bottles
  • Electricity generators
  • Tools
  • All vehicles
  • Animals
  • Every kind of commercial activity
  • Flyering or other types of promotion
  • Knives
  • Fireworks and crackers
  • Deodorant and fragrance bottles
  • Tents bigger than 9m²
  • Umbrellas
  • Selfie sticks
  • Flags

There won’t be any baggage room on the campsite. If a visitor leaves a forbidden object behind to access the campsite, the organizers shall not be obliged to get it back to the visitor or to keep it safe.

Every person caught on the campsite with a forbidden object will be immediately and definitely expelled without any possibility of refunding.

Every person caught trying to climb, open or deteriorate the infrastructures will be expelled from the campsite and the festival.



Our campsite is located in the Sand Carry close to the festival. To access the campsite, you will have to enter the Sand Carry.

The parking lot will be located inside the Sand Carry, next to the campsite.
You have to put your Camping Ticket on your dashboard and you’ll be granted access to the Carry by car.

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